Comments from previous guests' evaluation forms.

  Company Position Why choose Trondheim Leilighetshotell instead of a normal hotel room?
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain More comfortable, with larger rooms and cooking facilities.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA First mate Provides completely different possibilities for use than cramped hotel rooms. Cost is lower.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain Pleasant and comfortable. Excellent service.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain Freedom to do what you want.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Maritime inspector Very hospitable, comfortable, spacious and good service.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA First mate Have never before had a better hotel room.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA First mate Excellent service, where the guest's wishes are central. Like being at home.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain This is an offer that surpasses even the best hotels.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain Large, functional facilities. Never find this at an ordinary hotel. Highly satisfied.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA Captain The undersigned has stayed at many hotels, but this hotel is among the best.
  Bergesen D.Y. ASA First mate I am very satisfied and will tell my employer and others about this hotel.
  Bona Shipping Captain Very good service. Have not come across such service before, either in Norway or abroad.
  Bona Shipping Chief officer Very satisfied with the rates, the way I was received and the service.
  Kværner Shipping Captain You could never expect an ordinary hotel to match the service at this hotel.
  Statoil Oil worker Fantastic service, good living conditions, possibility for private life and very well-equipped room.
  Statoil Process technician I choose Trondheim Leilighetshotell because I feel at home here.
  Statoil Rig manager This just has to be experienced. Can safely be recommended to others.
  Norsk Bemanning First mate Own well-equipped kitchen is wonderful. Own bedroom is excellent. Here you can stay in comfort.
  Norsk Bemanning First mate Much more space and free parking.
  Norsk Bemanning First mate Fine spacious apartments. Can eat when it suits me.
  Norsk Bemanning Captain I have stayed at hotels all over the world and I can safely recommend this hotel to acquaintances.
  Norsk Bemanning Captain Good service and all the advantages of staying in your own apartment instead of a small hotel room.
  Norsk Bemanning Captain Like being at home.
  Norse Electronics Crane operator Large and spacious rooms and a reasonable price. Close to the city centre.
  Norske Shell Mate Here, you don't feel as though you are staying at a hotel, but feel more as though you are at home.
  The Norwegian State Railways, NSB Technical director Larger and better rooms.
  Nycomed Product manager Stay at hotels 150 to 170 nights of the year, this has been one of the best.
  Odfjell Drilling Rig manager Excellent for hotel guests in Trondheim.
  Odfjell Drilling Drilling worker The hotel provides more possibilities for use, separate bedrooms, good cleaning and a high standard.
  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Chief officer A very good concept which I will recommend to my friends and colleagues.
  Royal Caribbean Cruise Line First mate Large and attractive rooms, very good service and cleaning.
  R&M Isolering Insulation installer Plenty of space. The cleaning was very good. More than enough food and good service.
  Procon Drilling Services Maintenance Manager Much better beds, very good service and attractive apartment.
  Statoil Drilling manager Service that a normal hotel cannot provide. You are no. 1.
  Stavanger Linjefart Captain Inexpensive and does not feel very much like a hotel. Like staying at home.
  Polar Shipping 1st mate Own bedroom. Can eat breakfast and an evening snack when it suits me.
  Procon Drilling Services Vice President Everything has been perfect. This can be recommended to friends and acquaintances.
  Aker Insp. Engineer Especially satisfied with the price and the way the apartment was equipped.
  Rana Ship Management Mate Very good service. Relaxing, comfortable and very inexpensive. Highly recommended.
  Rieber Shipping First mate No "hotel feeling". More like staying at home.
  Rieber Shipping 1st mate I have no reason to choose anything other than this hotel. Everything has been perfect.
  Rieber Shipping Captain Service +++++
  Rieber Shipping Chief Engineer Clean, attractive and spacious.
  Rosenborg Ballklubb Football player I am tired of cramped hotel rooms. This is something completely different.
  Rosenborg Ballklubb Football player With a partner and a child the choice is very simple - Trondheim Leilighetshotell.
  Smedvig Offshore Crane operator Very satisfied with the hotel and the service.
  Smedvig Offshore Crane operator Am specially satisfied with fantastic service and helpfulness.
  Smedvig Offshore Technical Director Greater freedom and more space. Good to have your own bedroom. First class.
  Smedvig Offshore Technical Director Better than what a normal hotel can offer.
  Rasmussen Management First mate Trondheim Leilighetshotell has everything or more than one can expect of a hotel.
  Transocean Rig manager Personal and friendly service.
  Transocean Trade union secretary Very satisfied.
  Transocean Supervisor Lots of space, possibility to make your own food, good service and separate bedroom/living room.
  Phillips Petroleum Maintenance worker Very large living area, feeling of being at home and good service.
  Maersk Contractors Norge Engine room operator Staying at Trondheim Leilighetshotell is very comfortable.
  Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management Air traffic control officer More homely atmosphere than in a sterile hotel room. A home away from home.
  Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management Air traffic control officer The best thing is the possibility to cook your own food and have a separate bedroom and living room.
  Norwegian Air Traffic and Airport Management Air traffic control officer The service at the hotel and even free clothes washing.
  Wilh. Wilhelmsen Captain When you stay at a hotel like this, you feel at home right from the start.

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